Do you struggle with a list of things to do and just don’t know where to start?
Do you just keep making lots of lists but you never get started?
Do you have lots of thoughts and ideas but you just don’t know how to take that first step and get into action?
Are you overwhelmed by all the hats you need to wear and the things you need to learn as a solopreneur?
Do you have a passion that is the core of your business that you love, but you don’t really like the business side of being in business?

All of these issues are common things that solopreneurs struggle with.

You are not alone! You can move forward and take action to start and grow your business. You can also learn to make it fun.

I have been in all of these situations I mentioned above. I am a solopreneur coach. I am equestrian performance coach and I am a business coach. Actually, I go in and out of being stuck in place on a regular basis. What I have learned is that is a normal part of being in business and being a creative person. That stuck time is often a rich time when things are percolating and brewing in my mind. Sometimes I am doing a lot of learning and soul searching during these times.

But there is a point when the learning, brewing and soul searching needs to transition into action. When I notice that I am afraid to move forward for some reason or that I may need help I try to figure out why, get some help and support where needed and just start moving.

By nature, I am a curious person, so when I started as a solopreneur I dug in and learned about all the different aspects of running a business. I had fun doing it as I like learning new things. So it helped to have that mindset to get my business started.

But I had to be careful to not just study about it but to take action and create my niche and brand, get the business entity, get a website up, start marketing on social media, create a business plan, get a good business accountant and get others mentors and coaches.

What I have found is that none of this has to be perfect in order to get things up and running. Everything can be tweaked and changed. In the past 5 years I have had 4 different websites, several versions of my business card, changed my logo and brand colors, got a new accountant, changed how I use social media and more. The business is like a living thing always evolving as I evolve. I have made plenty of mistakes and I try my best to embrace learning from those mistakes.

I also have learned to pay attention to my instincts. Sometimes the outside world tells us how to do things and maybe it just doesn’t align with our perspective and our business. Give yourself permission to listen to your instincts because they usually will serve you well.

When I get stuck in some way and I can’t figure a way to move forward in a big way, I break things down into smaller parts and take small steps. I also seek out help. When I decided I wanted to start do a business coaching business I was overwhelmed as to how I should move forward with it and could not understand what was blocking me. So I started working with a couple of business coaches who were both able to show me step by step strategies to move forward in action after they helped me discover the path that I wanted to take.

For me the inability to act was tied to the fact that I was trying to head down a path that didn’t truly align with what I wanted to do. Once I made that discovery and found the right path, getting into action was so much easier! They helped me narrow my niche and create the business that aligned with me. I know the business nuts and bolts so once I got through that process I knew the rest would flow and it did. That is the beauty of coaching.

So if you have trouble taking action you need to take some time to pause and look inward and see what is blocking you. It may be an underlying belief that you aren’t good enough, things need to be perfect, that you may fail, you have a fear of change or it feels safer just to stay where you are. There are many possible reasons and it takes some mindful work and self-discovery to help you move forward.

Sometimes if you don’t know what’s stopping you taking those small simples steps will help you push through your block and get some momentum going. Try and do some simple tasks and break things down instead of being overwhelmed by the whole picture of being in business as a soloproneur.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start, consider working with a coach. Contact me and we can set up a free 30 minute discovery call. I am here and ready to support you in taking that first step into action.