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BEING AN SOLO ENTREPRENEUR it’s easy to get burned out from wearing so many hats. While working with Lisa I got some great ideas of how to promote my business. If she isn’t sure of the answer she will look in to it and get back to you with the answer.  She explains things in an easy to understand organized steps. I also got some insight on how to deal with a new path I had been thinking about going down.  She gave me an outside perspective backed by years of working with people who are growing their business.

Lisa is very professional while at the same time she is honest and very realistic. She has a very logical way of thinking, while being realistic and encouraging. Lisa has a kind way of telling you what she thinks will help you not what she thinks you want to hear.  She truly wants to help people succeed in their business.  Your success is what she wants.

Donna G.

Syracuse, NY

THANK YOU LISA for the wonderful first session. I feel directed not only in terms of business but also in terms of myself. Your time is invaluable and is an asset to a developing business. For anyone who is seeking insight and direction I strongly recommend scheduling a session!!! I look forward to the future with this coaching business.

Amanda O.

Wellington, FL

I PARTICIPATED IN ONE of Lisa’s Equine Professionals Mastermind groups. A group of professionals spoke on a conference call weekly. Lisa was a great coach and helped us feel comfortable sharing and discussing our businesses and ways we could grow. Lisa created an environment that allowed for a great experience for all of us. It was a wonderful experience, friends were made and the networking with other professionals was invaluable.

We all need guidance in our lives and I really enjoy Lisa’s approach as a coach. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future. I highly recommend Lisa and the Mindful Equestrian to anyone from amateurs to professionals.

Valerie McCloskey

Whisper Wind Equestrian Center, Rome, NY

I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE of getting to know Lisa since 2013. Her mindful approach to teaching and life in general really hit home with me. She has acted as a mentor as I grow my business Affinity Farm, Inc. Her guidance is always upbeat, concise, and inspiring. She has helped me to look at my life holistically and find areas where I need to focus and strengthen

Kim Allan

Owner/Trainer, Affinity Farm INC

Sign up for my Free “Action Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.”

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