About Lisa

I know what it feels like to be pigeon-holed into a work identity and living with the feeling of not fulfilling a dream. I have spent much of my life in a variety of different aspects of the equestrian industry from being a private trainer, a professor in a large college equine program to being an equestrian performance coach. It is how many people see me.  I do like the industry and horses but it is not the whole of who I am.

This is the spirit that I bring to my coaching and my clients, meeting them where they are and supporting them in finding who they truly want to be. I brainstorm with them and help them find their vision and give themselves permission to make a change. I then help support them in developing their curiosity, creativity and confidence to start and run successful businesses. I use my extensive mindfulness tools to support clients in learning to pause, be more present, strengthen their soft skills and connect to their inner selves.  I add to my coaching my years of experience as a business counselor at a Small Business Association (SBA) Woman’s Business Center where I helped women develop the technical skills and tools to start up new businesses and grow existing ones. What a perfect balance this is for my clients!

I am a very curious person by nature and I love to brainstorm lots of ideas and decide which I should test out and which I should let go.  I am a creative person too and I really love gardening, cooking and decorating. They all nourish my creative, visionary spirit. I also have a calm way about me that I have grown over the years through my mindfulness training and personal development work.

These three “C’s” are important to me–curious, creative and a calm way of being. They are my values that I bring to coaching. It’s funny, I didn’t start out looking for values that all start with the letter “C.” It just happened that way. I do believe things align as they should when you open up space to allow them to happen. I do that for my clients. I hold a calm, supportive and open space for them. They are able think expansively and out loud as they are encouraged to be curious and brainstorm ideas.  I support them as they tap into their creative side and go from the seed of an idea to the start-up and development of their own unique business. 

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