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Does it feel like that your dream to become an entrepreneur is on the horizon just out of your reach?


Have any of the following thoughts crossed your mind?

  • I am tired of working for someone else
  • I want the flexibility and freedom of being my own boss
  • I want to define my life on my own terms-I love the idea of being an entrepreneur
  • I have a dream of doing something different
  • I want to grow and change my existing business
  • I want to have a business when I retire that gives me purpose

But these thoughts keep stopping you from taking the first step.

  • I am overwhelmed by the idea and don’t know where to start
  • What if I fail–everyone says I am foolish to take the risk
  • I have no idea how I will finance this
  • Who am I to think I am smart enough, talented enough and good enough to run a business
  • It’s just safer to keep doing what I am doing
  • I feel very alone in my dream


Are you looking for the permission and faith to Investigate and start a new and adventurous journey as an entrepreneur running a business you love?


You are in the right place!


Maybe your life story has felt like you are always looking at 2 doors and you need to make a choice.

The plain one leads to a path of a sensible and practical life that feels okay but doesn’t fill you up.

On the other hand there is the colorful exciting door that beckons to you with the possibility of adventure, flexibility, abundance, creativity, finding your tribe and living a joy-filled life.

Let’s explore together!


Up until this point you have never given yourself permission to walk through the colorful door and start down that new exciting path. Your fears/self-talk have led you to always choose the sensible, safer door.

But inside you are crying for the permission, confidence and faith to make that brave choice, peel off the layers of labels you have collected in life and start anew down your new exciting path.

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The path from dreams to success does exist.
May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on top of it, and the perserverance to follow it.

–Kalpana Chawla


Are you ready to walk through that colorful door and head down a new path?

As your coach and mentor I will support you in exploring,  taking action and opening that door and discovering what is on the other side.

I will walk with you as you begin your journey in peeling away the labels and layers of the identities you have carried so far.  You will get down to defining your dream and your business. I will be your brainstorming partner and hold an open space for you allowing you the permission to move forward on your own terms.

Once you have clarity and have a sense of direction I will continue with you as you start your business and learn about the business side of being in business. You will not feel alone, even if you are a solopreneur, as you discover your tribe that will support you in your business and your life.

Maybe you already have a business but you want to stretch and make some changes. You want to grow your business and find the support, confidence and strategies to make it happen. You have started your journey but you want to make a change in direction. I will be with you and support you in your personal and business growth.

Bring, freedom, flexibility and joy into your life

Discover your best self

Find the confidence to take a chance on your entrepreneurial dream


Start, grow and manage your successful business

Find your tribe and open up a new world


About Lisa

I know what it feels like to be pigeon-holed into a work identity and living with the feeling of not fulfilling a dream. I have spent much of my life in a variety of different aspects of the equestrian industry from being a private trainer, a professor in a large college equine program to being an equestrian performance coach. It is how many people see me.  I do like the industry and horses but it is not the whole of who I am.

This is the spirit that I bring to my coaching and my clients, meeting them where they are and supporting them in finding who they truly want to be. I brainstorm with them and help them find their vision and give themselves permission to make a change. I then help support them in developing their curiosity, creativity and confidence to start and run successful businesses. I use my extensive mindfulness tools to support clients in learning to pause, be more present, strengthen their soft skills and connect to their inner selves.  I add to my coaching experience and training (Certified Professional Coach, CPC) my years of experience as a business counselor at a Small Business Administration (SBA) Woman’s Business Center where I helped women develop the technical skills and tools to start up new businesses and grow existing ones. What a perfect balance this is for my clients!

I am a very curious person by nature and I love to brainstorm lots of ideas and decide which I should test out and which I should let go.  I am a creative person too and I really love gardening, cooking and decorating. They all nourish my creative, visionary spirit. I also have a calm way about me that I have grown over the years through my mindfulness training and personal development work.

These three “C’s” are important to me–curious, creative and a calm way of being. They are my values that I bring to coaching. It’s funny, I didn’t start out looking for values that all start with the letter “C.” It just happened that way. I do believe things align as they should when you open up space to allow them to happen. I do that for my clients. I hold a calm, supportive and open space for them. They are able think expansively and out loud as they are encouraged to be curious and brainstorm ideas.  I support them as they tap into their creative side and go from the seed of an idea to the start-up and development of their own unique business. 

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BEING AN SOLO ENTREPRENEUR it’s easy to get burned out from wearing so many hats. While working with Lisa I got some great ideas of how to promote my business. If she isn’t sure of the answer she will look in to it and get back to you with the answer.  She explains things in an easy to understand organized steps. I also got some insight on how to deal with a new path I had been thinking about going down.  She gave me an outside perspective backed by years of working with people who are growing their business.

Lisa is very professional while at the same time she is honest and very realistic. She has a very logical way of thinking, while being realistic and encouraging. Lisa has a kind way of telling you what she thinks will help you not what she thinks you want to hear.  She truly wants to help people succeed in their business.  Your success is what she wants.

Donna G.

Syracuse, NY

THANK YOU LISA for the wonderful first session. I feel directed not only in terms of business but also in terms of myself. Your time is invaluable and is an asset to a developing business. For anyone who is seeking insight and direction I strongly recommend scheduling a session!!! I look forward to the future with this coaching business.

Amanda O.

Wellington, FL

I PARTICIPATED IN ONE of Lisa’s Equine Professionals Mastermind groups. A group of professionals spoke on a conference call weekly. Lisa was a great coach and helped us feel comfortable sharing and discussing our businesses and ways we could grow. Lisa created an environment that allowed for a great experience for all of us. It was a wonderful experience, friends were made and the networking with other professionals was invaluable.

We all need guidance in our lives and I really enjoy Lisa’s approach as a coach. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future. I highly recommend Lisa and the Mindful Equestrian to anyone from amateurs to professionals.

Valerie McCloskey

Whisper Wind Equestrian Center, Rome, NY

I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE of getting to know Lisa since 2013. Her mindful approach to teaching and life in general really hit home with me. She has acted as a mentor as I grow my business Affinity Farm, Inc. Her guidance is always upbeat, concise, and inspiring. She has helped me to look at my life holistically and find areas where I need to focus and strengthen

Kim Allan

Owner/Trainer, Affinity Farm INC

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